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Rotary Joints for Plastics Industry, BE Series, BH Series

 Rotary Joints for Plastics Industry, BE Series, BH Series

Rotary Joint, is also called rotary union or swivel joint.

The BE rotary union uses a balanced seal design with special ball bearing or optional tapered roller bearings to support the rotor. This rotary union adopts the latest technology in mechanical seal design for water application. The high thrust load capability and carbon-to-silicon (or Tungsten) carbide seal package makes the BE has a longer life and with less maintenance requirements than other ball bearing designs. All O-rings are fully captured in glands and seal-loading springs do not contact the process fluid. The BE features a barrier in the seal chamber to extend bearing life and a nipple and assembly plate made of stainless steel. Available in single- and dual-flow configurations and sizes from 3/8" to 6", the BE rotary union is capable of operating up to 120° C, 15 bar, and 3,000 RPM.

Features Benefits
1. Balanced seal design
2. Multi loading springs do not contact fluid
3. Precision ball bearing support
4. External loaded springs
5. Matched seal faces
6. Integral nipple flange mounting
7. On-machine seal replacement
1. Long running life, dry running capability
2. High capacity for conventional applications
3. Low Pressure Drop
4. Uniform seal loading
5. Materials selected for specified service
6. Rigid mounting and accurate alignment
7. Reduced maintenance

Customized Rotary Union Solution
Tengxuan Technology is dedicated to providing superior sealing solutions to various industries. With this as our goal, we have formalized our internal procedures and process according to our corporate goals and guidelines.

Quality is our overriding vision in all things we do. We believe that not only our products, but also our processes must meet our customer's objectives.

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