Rotary Joints for Petrochemical Industry, S Series

 Rotary Joints for Petrochemical Industry, S Series

Rotary Joint, is also called rotary union or swivel joint.

The self-supported SC rotary joint provides a positive seal between stationary pipe and a rotating cylinder and can be applied to steam, water, and hot oil service. The SC incorporates two internal carbon-graphite bearings that permit self-alignment and long operating life – even on cylinders that are not concentric. Using new sealing technologies, the SC rotary joint has extended seal life and increased reliability along with application flexibility.

The convex seal ring and optimized seal diameter provide extended seal life and reduced maintenance for the SC rotary joint. The compact and rigid mounting structure improves its performance. The SC rotary joint line is available in sizes from ¾” to 8” and can be used in single- or dual-flow applications. The joint is rated up to 280° C, 32 bar and 250 RPM.

Features Benefits
1. Designed for oil, water, and steam
2. Two internal support guides
3. Rigid mounting structure
4. Convex seal ring in compression
5. Maximum carbon guide separation
1. Application flexibility
2. Increased life and reliability
3. Extended seal life, reduced maintenance
4. Self-aligning seal, longer life
5. Improved joint and siphon support

Customized Rotary Union Solution
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