Rotary Joints for Solar Energy Industry, BHM040

 Rotary Joints for Solar Energy Industry, BHM040

Rotary Joint, is also called rotary union or swivel joint.

This rotary joint is suitable for transferring hot oils and is able to continuously work at a highest temperature of 250 ℃. It finds a wide application in solar thermal collectors and solar boilers. Many customers think highly of our fluid swivel joint for its zero leakage and high efficiency.

Distinguished Advantages of Rotary Joints
1. High-temperature resistant seal ring
2. Multiple-spring compensation mechanism
3. Small rotation torque
4. Simultaneously bear axial load and radial load
5. Imported high-temperature resistant bearing
6. Imported seal material
7. Maintenance free, long service life.

Technical Parameters of Rotation Unions
Rotational speed: 50 RPM
Pressure: 1.2MPa
Max. temperature: 250℃
Media: Heat transfer oils

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