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Rotary Joints for Papermaking Industry, BE Series, BH Series

 Rotary Joints for Papermaking Industry, BE Series, BH Series

Rotary Joint, is also called rotary union or swivel joint.

The BE rotary joint is mainly used for transferring cooling liquids and features excellent balanced seal design. Other attractive advantages include dual-ball bearing, self-support fixture, separated design, multi-spring structure. Main material is iron.

As being the upgraded version of BE series joints, the BE series rotary joints are ideally suitably for cold water and hot water. This type of water rotary union is known for a balanced seal design, double-ball bearing, self-support fixture, multi-spring design and separated structure. Raw materials are brass and aluminum.

Features Benefits
1. Designed for oil, water, and steam
2. Two internal support guides
3. Rigid mounting structure
4. Convex seal ring in compression
5. Maximum carbon guide separation
1. Application flexibility
2. Increased life and reliability
3. Extended seal life, reduced maintenance
4. Self-aligning seal, longer life
5. Improved joint and siphon support

Customized Rotary Union Solution
Tengxuan Technology is dedicated to providing superior sealing solutions to various industries. With this as our goal, we have formalized our internal procedures and processes in compliance with high industrial standards.

Quality is our overriding vision in all things we do. We believe that not only our products, but also our processes must meet our customer's objectives. If you are looking for tailor-made rotary joints, come to Tengxuan Technology, we will not disappoint you.

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