Tengxuan Technology thermo-compressors are designed to boost steam by accurately mixing low-pressure steam with high-pressure steam, with simple structure yet high energy transfer efficiency. The thermo-compressor provided by our company mainly contains three parts: nozzle, mixing section and diffuser. Moreover, the thermo-compressor is designed with automatically-controlled spindles which are used when the pressure condition changes and there is need to regulate the pressure and flow. These units are made in 3 to 16 inches with flange connected.

The thermo-compressor meets various working requirements and is used in many industries, such as papermaking, petroleum, electrical power, gas and more.

Technical Parameters of Thermo-compressor
Size of thermo-compressor (inch) Motive steam inlet (inch) Suction steam inlet (inch) Discharge (inch)
3 1 1/2 3 3
4 2 4 4
5 3 5 5
6 4 6 6
8 5 8 8
10 5 10 10
12 6 12 12
14 8 14 14
16 10 16 16

The spindle can be operated with a diaphragm, piston, or motor actuator using any standard instrument signal-electric or pneumatic. The control can be activated by temperature, pressure, flow or suction to motive gas ratio.

Tengxuan spindles are designed to act as temporary valves and provide tight shut-off. For temperatures above 225℃, spindle and seat should be hard-faced to resist wear. The thermo-compressor is made in high-quality raw materials to fit different operating conditions and customer's requirements. The pump body is made using steel and the diffuser is equipped with stainless steel muzzle and spindle.

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