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Thermo-compressor System

 Thermo-compressor System

Attractive Characteristics of Thermo-compressor System
1. The drainage of condensate water is automatically controlled by the system, without manual intervention. Such a design guarantees swift control and overcomes the problem of logged water caused too fast condensing speed. Under normal operation or paper shortage, high working efficiency can still be achieved. Plus, the maintenance rate is low.
2. In comparison to commonly-used condensation system, the thermo-compressor system resolves traditional problems like paper burs, wrinkles, paper shortage and non-uniform drying.
3. All steam-water separators used in the system are advanced and highly efficient, allowing for complete steam and water separation.
4. Each condensate set works independently, making the system control simple easy.
5. With the assistance of thermo-compressor system, the problem that excessive condensate water impacts the siphon will be improved when the pressure of dryer is too high.

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