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Steam Condensate System, Multistage Type

 Steam Condensate System, Multistage Type

The steam condensate system by our company is well received in papermaking industry for paper drying. When making paper, the pressed paper usually has a degree of dryness of 40%-50% and the rest of water need to be removed by dryers to get a final dryness degree of 92%-95%. The steam condensate system is a key part in the dryer. With a professional R&D team and countless practices, Tengxuan Technology selects appropriate screen, effective ventilation system and high-quality cover, finally producing the highest possible quality condensate system.

By using the steam condensate system, users save a lot of steam and recycle massive thermal energy. To better service our most-valued customers, we also supply complete and high-quality after-sales service and recommend you suitable condensate system according to your requirements and manufacture schedule.

Currently, we mainly manufacture two following condensate systems:
1. Multistage Steam Condensate System
In this system, there is a pressure difference between each stage, ensuring fully utilization of steam. While working, steam in the high-pressure drying zone will be separated and sent to the low-pressure drying zone, allowing for high-efficiency thermal transfer and fast water drainage of the whole system.

2. Thermo-compressor System
In the thermo-compressor system, steam mainly comes from two ways. On the one hand, low-pressure steam enters into the dryer via pressure control valve, which is the major steam source. On the other hand, condensate water and steam mixture released by the dryer will be sent to the steam-water separator. Then, thermo-compressor sends back the non-condensable gas into the dryer for secondary use.

The thermo-compressor system divided the dryer into several independent zones and lets the second-use steam circulates independently. Consequently, the temperature of each dryer zone is easy to regulate and the optimal drying curve graph is convenient to establish and flexible to control.

Major Advantages of Steam Condensate System
1. High Steam Utilization

The equipment cost and electricity consumption accounts for more than 50% of the expenses for entire papermaking machinery while the steam consumption makes up 5%-15% of the paper cost. Therefore, the design of paper drying equipment plays an important part in improving the quality and decreasing the cost. Both multistage steam condensate system and thermo-compressor system are developed with a steam circulation function, which greatly boosts the steam utilization and creates sound economic benefits.

2. Fast Condensate Water Drainage
In addition to good-condition steam condensate system, Tengxuan Technology also produces high-quality accessories, such as rotary joints, siphons and turbulator. All of them assure the condensate water is drained fast and thermal energy is transferred at an efficient manner. For example, Tengxuan siphon is suitable for low-, medium- and high-speed paper machines as it timely releases the condensate water in the dryer and thus raises the heat transfer efficiency. And the turbulator has integrated type and separated type. Both types effectively improve the efficiency of heat transfer.

3. Improved Paper Quality
The condensate system works well with the QCS system and further improves the dryness degree and paper quality.

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