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Metal Hose
We are able to customize metal hoses of various length and specifications.

Technical Parameters
Nominal diameter (mm) Recommended minimum length (mm)
6 200
10 250
15 300
20 350
25 400
32 460
40 500
50 550
65 600
80 650
100 750
125 800
150 1000
200 1000

Graphite Ring
The Japan Toyo graphite ring provides zero leakage for the rotary joints.

Sight Glass
With the assistance of sight glass, user can have a clear view of the water drainage process.

Graphite Gasket
The graphite gasket is made using 304stainless steel, with high strength and anti-rust property.

O-shaped Ring
As being a key component of the seal set, the O-shaped ring is imported from the American company Parker for its ultra-good seal performance.

PTFE Nozzle
The PTFE nozzle effectively prevents the problem of water blockage caused by siphon breakage.

Tubulence Bar
By applying a turbulence bar, the water ring can be disturbed and the drying efficiency is thus increased. It's suggested that a turbulence bar should be installed when the rotational speed of machine is more than 500 rpm.

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