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Rotary Joints Classified by Media

    1. Water Rotary Joints The water rotary union is made using high-quality brass and features a balanced sealing design, double-ball bearing, integrated structure, single-spring design and self-support fixture.
    1. Hot Oil Rotary Unions Backed up by modern technologies, the hot oil rotary joint possesses a balanced sealing and self-support design as well as uses high-temperature resistant bearing, insulation nipple and external cooling system.
    1. Steam Roary Joints The convex seal ring and optimized seal diameter provide extended seal life and reduced maintenance for the SC rotary joint. The compact and rigid mounting structure improves its performance.
    1. Compressed Air and Coolant Rotary Joints Backed by modern and advanced technology, the G series rotary joints are characterized by convex-surface graphite seal design, multi-spring seal structure, imported graphite ring, O-shaped ring.
    1. Molten Salt Rotary Joints By using high-pressure and abrasion resistant sealing ring and high-precision support structure, the rotary unions for molten salts feature high efficiency, low leakage and corrosion resistance.
    1. Hydraulic Oil Rotary Joints This series of rotary joints are widely applied in various types of rotary tables that weigh from 20 tons to 350 tons and that are designed with independent water cooling system or nitrogen-argon system.

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