Rotary Joints for Steam, QQ Series

 Rotary Joints for Steam, QQ Series

Rotary Joint, is also called rotary union or swivel joint.

The QQ series steam rotary joints adopt convex-surface seal technology, multi-spring seal structure and OPQ process techniques, and use imported graphite ring and O-shaped ring, with high reliability and high quality.

Main Configurations of Rotary Joints for Steam
1. Elbow head
2. Body
3. Wear plate
4. Nipple
5. Syphon pipe
6. Oilless bearing
7. Graphite ring
8. Spring

Main Features of Steam Rotary Joints
1. Concave-surface seal
2. Standard graphite or antimony filled graphite seal material
3. Oilless dual-bearing support
4. Maximum support spacing
5. Prolonged service life and high reliability
6. Easy to replace
7. Rotary type or fixed type siphon

Technical Parameters of Steam Rotary Joints
Max. pressure: 32Bar
Max. temperature: 280℃
Max. speed: 50-250RPM
Media: Steam, heat transfer oils, hot water
Size: 3/4"------8"

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