Rotary Joints for Water, H Series

 HD rotary joint
HD rotary joint

Rotary Joint, is also called rotary union or swivel joint.

The H series rotary joint is intended for cooling water, with zero leakage and long lasting performance. The water rotary union is made using high-quality brass and features a balanced sealing design, double-ball bearing, integrated structure, single-spring design and self-support fixture.

A rotary joint is composed of these following parts: housing, nipple, bearing, stationary seal ring and spring.

Outstanding Characteristics of Water Rotary Joint
1. Advanced sealing technology
2. Excellent balanced sealing design
3. Self-support fixture
4. High-precision ball bearing
5. Stainless steel nipple
6. High universality
7. High reliability and long lifespan

Technical Parameters of Water Rotary Union
Max. water pressure: 11Bar
Max. air pressure: 11Bar
Max. temperature: 90℃
Max. speed: 450-1500RPM
Media: Water, air

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